All files are properties of their respective owners. Intel once released a nifty tool for cross-platform conversions called SmartVideo. I had Indeo on my system but it has stopped working after I did a Windows Update. Note that this will only work playing the videos on a lcoal hard drive, not a network share. The codecs video versions 4 and 5, and audio codec version 2. Intel software Video codecs. If you get QuickTime, get a version older than 7.

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Microsoft includes the decoders in Vista, but has them deactivated from the factory. Hey all, Ditto with the old videoes not plying. It can also handle Indeo 2 and 3.

Microsoft once distributed Indeo 5. Great post, But do copy your video to a local hard disk. DLL file directly to Windows. IV probably stands for Indeo Video. Simply choose the approriate option on the PayPal page when checking out.

Do I get a hard copy on CD with my purchase? If not, e-mail our customer support at websales ligos. Questions and comments should be directed to Microsoft through one of their support channels.


IV31 IV32 IV41 IV50 : Indeo 3, 4, and 5

The Microsoft Windows interaactive of the Indeo codec contains several security vulnerabilities and one should not play Indeo videos from untrusted sources. Give it a name of vidc.

I do something wrong. Right-click the “Command Prompt” search result and click the “Run as administrator” option. IV50 key seems deliberately blocked by Windows or somethingeven when run as administrator.

I have been sitting at this computer for 3 iinteractive trying to get my old logitech webcam videos to work. Your comment will appear after moderation. Thanks a lot, Krzysztof. All files are properties of their respective owners. No thanks Submit review. See Compression methods for methods and Compression software for codecs.


The Install Wizard will launch. Archived from the original on In order to complete this step, 32-hit must run the Command Prompt as administrator. Indeo 5 is commonly chosen as the default codec to capture video by many webcams.

In addition, as Ligos Indeo Codecs is a downloadable product, we do not offer refunds once the purchase has been made.

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No guarantees intdl warranties are given or implied. KMPlayer Excellent free multi-format media player. Please download and install the file at your own risk General — Beginning with the update to Windows XP known as Service Pack 1Microsoft began inconsistent changes regarding the inclusion of the Indeo codecs in its software, which at one time were always a base part of its operating system. Thanks Very Much for the info.


Check if the problem is solved. Free versions of Indeo are no longer available from Ligos. Yes, an invoice is e-mailed to you along with the download information once your order has been processed.

Fortunately, most installers will bundle the three most relevant versions 3, 4, and 5. Saved from trial and error codec installs and all the lovely stuff that comes with them.