Siemens har ret til at beholde udstyr og komponenter, der ombyttes eller returneres til Siemens. An example of a valid key: If you transmit data wirelessly and not all components in your wireless network supportthe higher security standard WPA see page 39 , we recommend that you activateWEP Encryption on these network components. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Board index All times are UTC.

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Enter text from picture: You will now see the Network window again. System Log The system log can give you important information about the functioning of your device and possible problems. TCP provides applications with a reliable transmission link in theform of a continuous data stream.

Local network settingsIn the next step, you will see the screen for the basic settings of your local network. The basic settings you have higaset are saved. However, you should comply with the following guidelines: You must use the same keys for encryption and decryption for both the Gigaset WLAN Repeater and all your wireless network adapters.

I didn’t know there was a dd-wrt mini for atheros? Best to donate them or use them as they are. Approval Country-specific requirements have been taken into consideration.


An example of a valid key: Setting Data Encryption The encryption selection depends on which method is supported by all the 180 of your wireless network.

This opens the Windows control panel. Frequently there is only one. If you wish, you can also make changes to the settings you madeusing the wizards. This requires awireless router e. Also, 8MB of ram is too small, you would need to upgrade that to 16MB ram chip, which again, may have to have additional settings or wires added to enable.

It then functions as a wirelessnetwork gigasett, but uses the device’s wired Ethernet port.


Selecting a language The user interface can be presented in various languages. Restart the network see below. If you clickon Log Off the session is terminated and the login screen appears again. Basic Setup WizardThese wizards allow you to set the date for your region, selectthe Operating Mode and configure — depending on the Operating Mode selected — your wireless and wired local network.

Selecting A Language Selecting a language The user interface can be presented in various languages. On the Internet Domain names used to assign domain names to IP addresses. Unlike other technologies e.


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Page 56 With the aid of channel bundling, the transfer up to Mbps. The PC now returns to the Windows Desktop. If you select Hex you can use the characters 0 to 9 and A to F. Other- wise, we recommend using automatically assigned 18 addresses for the PCs in your net- work. Please consult the operating instructions for the network adapter.

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Confirm the reboot in the dialoguefield shown. You will find this address on the bottom of the device. NetworkA network is a group of devices connected in wired or wireless mode so that they canshare resources such as data and peripherals. An Ether- net network card is an example of a wired network adapter. Page Repeater obtained its IP address, to see which IP address was assigned to it and enter this address in your browser.