I remove battery, follow your instructions and dry it. Somewhere between palm rest board, motherboard and io board. Your steps was clear but i would like to know how i can replace the cable connecting the webcam to the motherboard. I disassembled my laptop because after a storm, some water fell above the laptop through a unnoticed hole in the roof. Went to install drivers and the computer died.

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Dell Inspiron 15r N5110 M5110 Wireless WLAN WiFi Antenna Cable 25.91399.011

I ordered the DC jack board from your recommended Ebay site. I hope I can pull this off through this guide… thank Sir in advance for this helpful tips.

I disassembled my laptop because after a storm, some water fell above the laptop through a unnoticed hole in the roof.

The screen never comes on. Help would be greatly appreciated Check memory. Also, make sure the AC adapter is good.

You can easily check this by placing some small magnet ex. My problem is that my Dell gives 3 beeps on start and no display.

I have this same laptop. Just replaced the motherboard on this model and after assembling again the 3 beep code for system board and or memory continued. Any ideas what this is? So I tested with other new memory.


I used it last night without a hitch. Problem is the following: Great site, Can i ask how do i replace trim around screen as this was knocked over and grabbed by the lid assemblywhich caused bottom trim at hinges to breakthis of course does not close properly now and am hesitant to prize things apart mainly on left bottom side, i have concerns therefore about this causing more damage, as disabled retired veteran i not only have to be aware of costs, but use this for charity fund raising.


This was the first time I ever did anything like this, and THANKS to your easy to wirless instructions and pictures I did the whole thing in under an hour. I left my laptop filled with rice in order to suck the moisture from inside and it worked wonders, as after I turned the laptop off lots of water poured through the ports, for example.

Should I bother with re-opening my computer to wieless it, or can I just leave it out? Diagonastic say mother board or processor is not working. You can try cleaning the fan by spraying compressed air into the fan grill on the bottom of the laptop. I guess the worst case should be an issue with the motherboard, but other than that, can there be some issues with the video cable as well?

I got a 3 beep code and then it would not bootup or even wirelfss I have had this problem several times and for some mysterious reason, everything would work fine!


I was going to write one by myself but now I clearly understand that this work is done already. Would like to purchase one before opening up the machine so as to minimize downtime. You cannot disassemble the keyboard for cleaning. Took the battery from my Dell n and turned her back on. I would be really happy if somebody can response me. Wirelss, it requires some tech skills but possible to do at home. You cannot tell until the laptop is tested with another working keyboard.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 15R that recently quit charging the battery. There is also a high pitched noise emitted by the laptop when the power button is pressed or the laptop is plugged in. If you think the problem is related to the video cable try replacing the cable.

You can support this site. Remove the wireless card and take a look inside the slot. I also got a new motherboard from Dell and along with the DC jack board replaced these items. Dell hardwares really suck… the same with my HPcompaq Laptop… huhu.