The screen slides perfectly. We tested all scenes and they are the ones with the least twinkling effect. The quoted 8ms response time didn’t show any signs of ghosting in fast paced games like NFS: Apart of that, the screen is the best one I’ve ever had for everything else. With no tweaking whatsoever the colours also looked fantastic, rich and even.

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The 20WMGX2 was clearly designed for gamers rather than photographers. Did feel the BeHardware review beliena a little overly critical on colours – just requires a bit of calibration to get a much more satisfactory result.

I’ve gotten used to it – however, with the extra contrast of the tw, the images on the screen match the calibrated printouts in saturation and beelinea.

Got it running DVI-D now and it’s crystal clear. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. I don’t currently play allot of games.

Belinea 10 20 30W specifications

This should to be a sticky. Monitors by Lori Grunin Oct 15, The larger 20″ WS version was eagerly anticipated and Belinea have managed to provide it to the public first. If you need help calibrating your monitor, check here and also try this test pattern tool TFT’s Covered in This Thread: Samsung also gives the possibility — like Apple — to create profiles with software.


I don’t find it very distracting personally. The monitor also has a feature called “Advanced DV” and this further dims the backlight to create greater contrast and colour depth, it also adjusts intelligently depending on what you are viewing.

**Baddass’ Ultimate TFT FAQ and Reviews! (20″ and Above Models)**

So all in all in my opinion its a great display for the price. There is a reasonable amount of talk about panel technologies with many people quick to jump on a bandwagon and claim one is superior than another. First start your PC and then turn on your Belinea 2. We appreciate these options, especially the vertical adjustment.

An belimea thing to consider is what panel technology the screen uses you are interested in buying. While we did manage to improve it to some degree, we weren’t able to obtain results without any banding.

Official Belinea Spec Reviews: The NEC digested everything without a single hitch. Many poor monitors end up just displaying a murky black mess in these games, unable to cope with the subtle differences belineaa blacks and shadows throughout the levels. In actual desktop PC use, this isn’t noticeable, but you can see some hot spots in video content that has lots of dark material.

Oct 12, Posts: The amount of banding is pronounced slightly only and hardly noticeable. Episode One looked as good as we’ve seen on any other widescreen LCD monitor. I have just finished the session in DOOM 3 in full wide screen x glory.


Belinea 10 20 30W prices

It really depends on what you want the TFT for, how much you want to pay etc. If they are fully dead, they will stay that way. Ghosting brlinea also depend on how susceptible you are to things like this, as one person may see no ghosting, another may see lots on the same panel.

Belonea fact, my CRT images were always a bit flat when compared to my printouts. Veritas Wise Guy Joined: We rate the brightness uniformity of the review unit as good.

Using the screen everyday is a pleasure and despite its size, it is incredibly flexible, thanks to Samsung’s excellent array of adjustment and configuration options.

Contrast actually remains fairly stable until about degrees, which is where the effect of colours looking washed out becomes increasingly apparent. In clone mode and with games, it is difficult to differentiate between the two because similar rendering except if you take into account viewing angles. Contrast is good not only on paper, but in practice with high brightness and excellent black depth.