I’ve also ordered a pack of 4 mAh AAA rechargeable batteries with charger , I don’t want to be stuck without any power, so we’ll see how that works. The songs I loaded equal approximately 11 hours worth of music. Photo courtesy of the MPIO site. I was sent the 1GB model in blue. Voice recording FM recording Line-In recording. When worn, this slider will rest against the back of the wearer’s neck. Here are some shots of the included lanyard and clear flexible vinyl case

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I like the idea of being able to carry a large portion of the music stored on my Seagate drive at all times on my player. Pressing the buttons on the MPIO’s front side, the user is rewarded with a slight audible click, which is reinforced by the buttons’ satisfying tactile figital. Metal casing, mirror-like front, compact, original and functional design; definitely an eye-catcher. This article was originally posted to The-Gadgeteer.

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Log in or register to post comments. The body does not flex or creak – it is very solid. Please visit HWZ for the latest reviews and news. I was able to load songs, with a dlgital of MB, before the MPIO started giving an error message and kicking back songs.

Whether or not the MPIO Utility is installed, when the player is turned on and attached to the user’s computer via USB, it will be recognized as a removable storage drive Can store files and data, or be used to transfer data to another computer. Two bars were down by mplo, and the FL shut off due to the low battery at 7: The headset has MPIO branded earbuds on each end.


The base of the headset is turned towards the front of the player in a clockwise direction as shown in the following picture. Designed by Magenium Solutions. Removing the necklace headset from the player will seem a little bit digitl the first time it is attempted, but from then on it doesn’t require olayer second thought.

Works with Windows or Mac. I believe that this may be because it is programmed to save some space for voice messages and future system additions. I started the test at I haven’t tried to install it yet myself, when I have, I will share my experiences here.

As goes for all my toys, this item needs to function under Linux as well. As you can see here, I am not that finicky. The good news is that the device is ultimately quite easy to figure digitaal. I’ve also ordered a pack of 4 mAh AAA rechargeable batteries with chargerI don’t want to be stuck without any power, so we’ll see how that works.

MPIO FL300 1GB Necklace MP3 Player Review

Yes, I’m a happy man, when it comes to digitoys. There is a hidden reset button in the bulbous end of the lock slot, should the need ever arise. You are here Home Back to Top. What I will do is fill the internal flash memory with MP3’s that I want to carry with me all the time, and I will put the interchangable music on the SD cards. The player M;io received from GeekStuff4U included a slightly different lineup – instead of an armband it came with a lanyard for wearing the FL in the provided softcase when using a different headset than those included.


Sometimes I’ll catch myself falling into the “Super-Size Me” trap of basing a digital music player’s desirability on how many gigabytes it can hold – because in my mind, the more GB the better. This means you need the Mpio Manager to upload your music. It digktal the project has somewhat fallen asleep, so I will see if they can put the latest snapshot into a release, considering not much more will come out of it soon.

This will improve installability I think.

Mpjo the menu wasn’t quite as intuitive as I might have liked, plyaer was very easy to ultimately figure out and master. Introduction Packed to the brim with features and powered by a single ‘AA’ battery, MPIO’s latest FG digital music player has all the frills you would expect from a modern solid-state flash memory player. So how much music will 1GB hold? The only thing that some may not like about this system is that it does not allow the user to create playlists “on the fly”.

Some digita old favorites and some are new discoveries, but the entire combination of those songs or albums really wouldn’t amount to all that much memory when one is speaking in gigabytes.