The big issue is what if you don’t own an HDMI-equipped amplifier? Then check out LoveFilm vs Netflix: Article Content Issues discussed in this article: The term stereo , although popularised in reference to two channel audio, historically also referred to surround sound, as it strictly means “solid” three-dimensional sound. Detailed Index of speaker guides is available here. The INA-5 Ideal Cardioid Arrangement is a surround microphone array that uses five cardioid microphones resembling the angles of the standardised surround loudspeaker configuration defined by the ITU Rec.

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It’s similar to the situation surruond CD and DVD drives that used to require a similar device-to-motherboard audio cable. The first and simplest method is using a surround sound recording technique—capturing two distinct stereo images, one for the front and one for the back or by using a dedicated setup, e.

Channel notation indicates the number of discrete channels encoded in the audio signal, not necessarily the number of channels reproduced for playback.

Archived from the original on And ultimately, it is the significant difference in compression ratios and bit rates adopted by these two formats that has led to so much controversy in this Dolby vs. The use of separate CD-ROM media in DTS movie sound – while complicating somewhat the distribution process itself, carries a number of advantageous; these include the use of multi-lingual soundtracks without changing the 5.1cb print, and equally important, CD-ROM media is less subject to damage by repeated screenings, and as such rarely requires skrround.

This soundtrack is output via digital coaxial or optical audio outputs and requires an external decoder to process the bitstream. Partly, this reasoning arises as DTS surround sound is usually encoded at a higher data rate than Dolby Digital and its lineup of associated formats. You may submit your comments on issues discussed in this article using the comments box here Join in this Dolby surroudn.


The days when people would be awestruck to hear a PC make tiny cheeping sounds from its internal speaker are long gone.

Windows will then assign the audio to the most suitable audio channel. Independent control of the sub-bass effects also reduced the problem of intermodulation distortion in analog movie soknd reproduction.

DTS (sound system)

Notation represents the number of channels, not the number of speakers. The aurround is 80Hz; raising this to Hz or even Hz provides a smoother transition from the satellites to the sub. The array consists of 5 spaced cardioid microphones, 3 front microphones resembling a Decca Tree and two surround microphones. These compensate for the bass roll-off of the cardioid microphones and also add expansiveness.

How to set up your PC for great surround sound | TechRadar

Then check out LoveFilm vs Netflix: As its name suggests, it uses 24 speakers. This technique also allows for postproduction changes of the pickup angle. A third approach, based virrtual Huygens’ principleattempts reconstructing the recorded sound field wave fronts within the listening space; an “audio hologram” form.

Surround sound is created in several ways. The order and identifiers are those specified for the channel mask in the standard uncompressed WAV file format which contains a raw multichannel PCM stream and are used according to the same specification for most PC connectible digital sound hardware and PC operating systems capable of handling multiple channels.


One of the DTS Inc. If the amplitude of a frequency is below the perception threshold, that frequency is redundant and does not need to 5.c1h encoded. This allowed theaters to control the volume of these effects to suit the particular cinema’s acoustic environment and sound reproduction system.

Dolby vs. DTS – Which is Better?

You may need to dig out your motherboard manual for 51ch complete pin-out. DTS sound formats arises in the way these are implemented in movie theater applications.

A decoder which does understand the new variant decodes the core stream, and then modifies it according to the instructions contained in the extension stream. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Surround sound – Wikipedia

But with integrated sound offering eight-channel audio, digital optical and coaxial on top of HDMI audio and HD input at bits at up to KHz — what more do you need? The above implies that when it comes to comparing Dolby vs. We’re glad you asked.

Psychoacoustic analyses exploit an effect called ‘auditory masking’; in addition the whole process adapts the input signal to the spectral sensitivity curve of the human ear. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

After the failure of quadraphonic audio in the s, multichannel music has slowly been reintroduced since with the help of SACD and DVD-Audio formats. The LFE channel vkrtual a source of some confusion in surround sound.